Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine

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The first non-alcoholic rosé that tastes just like the real thing.

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A non-alcoholic wine for wine lovers

We were tired of trading health for enjoyment. So we created Surely, the first non-alcohol wine made for people who enjoy wine.

Made with natural ingredients, Surely is the cleanest non-alcoholic rosé you'll find.

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No grape juice here

We've spent nearly a year making a non-alcoholic wine... that tastes like wine.

Rather than bottle a poor wine imitation, we've partnered with the finest winemakers in Sonoma, California to make wine. Then, simply removed the alcohol.

What's left is a non-alcohol wine that tastes like the real thing.

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What makes Surely literally the best?

Natural Ingredients

We use only the best grapes sourced from California's finest vineyards.

Vegan and Keto Friendly

Our clean label wine checks off all the dietary boxes. Low-sugar and gluten-free too.

Fun without the "fuuu...k"

Surely tastes just like the real thing. Without the morning hangover.

Using only the best grapes and made by California winemakers, it's rosé that your friends won't believe is non-alcoholic.

But does it taste good?

Most non-alcoholic brands taste like grape juice in a wine bottle. At Surely, we don't settle for "just good enough".

While our customers rave about the taste and smooth finish, we'd rather you try it for yourself.

That's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Don't love it? No problem. We'll happily issue you a full refund.

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